Cuisine and story

Cuisine of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy updated to the 21st century: We strive on using only products historically found in the Carpatian-Basin. Our kitchen represents the specialities of the region and our devotion to excellent gastronomy.

We are basically focusing on Hungarian wines and within that on the special Hungarian character, terrior and flavour. Our constantly changing wine list is limited in volume but they have been selected with great detail and utmost care. Half of the wineries featured on our winelists are artisanal wineries, that handcraft their wines, and they are very affordable on a European standard. Quite a few of the wines are limited, small series that cannot be bought or tasted anywhere else but with us.

Pierrot is a refined yet comfortable and relaxed, friendly restaurant run by our several generation restaurateur family. We are located in a 13th century old bakery house and have been here for three decades.

We are featured in the Michelin Red Guide since 2005 and have been awarded 2 hats by Gault Millau in 2011.

Since Pierrot was founded in 1982 then as the first private café-restaurant in Budapest, many important people – actors, superstars, artists have visited Pierrot, among them the bands Depeche Mode and AC/DC, actors Marcello Mastroiani, Sir Roger Moore, Antonio Banderas, Jeremy Irons, Robert De Niro.

Pierrot has gone through several changes since 1982 but one thing has remained: In our family gastronomy is not merely a way of making a living but also a vocation in the best sense of the word. For decades we have regarded it our mission to make Hungarian cuisine and gastronomy shine in its old, pre-war glory again – you know, when Károly Gundel and Escoffier were still colleagues ...